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Gladiator Slash

Pugils, dildos, they're all the same

Gladiators Slash
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A slash community for the UK Gladiators of Challenge and Sky One, once of ITV

Welcome to the Gladislash Community!

Are you ready? Writers, vidders, you can go on my first whistle... Makers of beautiful manips, you can go on my second... Three, two, one, GO! Ahem, I hope you liked my little welcome... Basically, I love the UK Gladiators - but it's more than that - besides there not being enough general love for the Glads on our world wide web... there certainly isn't enough luuurrrvve, if you know what I mean... We're talking about great Greek gods and goddesses of people, and with so much muscle, testosterone, and raw flesh on show, how can there not be GLADISLASH?

So here is the one and only site/community dedicated to shipping these gorgeous bods, both the old classics and the new Sky One series... All fic is welcome, just as long as its slash... or femmeslash... Of course not just fics either, but also icons, graphics, fanvids and anything else you think we might like... as well as just the general squeeful day to day Gladiators chitchat... Awwoogga!

John Anderson's rulebook:

01) Well firstly... all posts must be about the Gladiators ^_^ You don't say! Try to keep it slashy (or obviously slash-friendly) but if you have some interesting news, feel free to share it...

02) This can include fiction of all sorts, icons, wallpapers, other graphics, fanvids and just general slashy, squeeful talk... Of course if you want to introduce yourself, then that is perfectly fine *smiles*

03) Gladislash supports traditional slash and femmeslash, in both fic and art... Please label your pieces as such:

Title: Here goes the name
Author: And then yours
Medium: Fiction, Art, Manip, Vid etc.

Word Count/Image Size: For general information
Circa? Old School or New School (or a Cross) UK or other
Pairing: Who's involved
Rating: An indication of who it's suitable for, and any necessary warnings

Synopsis/Description: What's it all about?

04) Whatever you do, don't ever feel daft about introducing something new to this community... Members make the world go round *grins* And your opinions are very important to us...

05) This is an open community which shares... So no need really to lock the posts, not unless you feel that something might be majorly offensive to passers-by... Uploads of a large video nature should however be locked.

06) No RPS bashing - it goes without saying... No flaming of other people's work... And by God, I mean that! *_* Constructive criticism is one thing, where abusive comments are quite another...

07) Fictions, graphics, etc. must be placed under an LJ-cut... Small images (please don't stretch the page) are allowed, as is a three icon teaser *nods*

08) Make sure that anything which could be classed as offensive, is labelled as such... Trouble is not good...

09) No pimping of other communities... Unless of course, they are relevant ^_~ If your site is about Liverpool FC, then I really don't care... If you want to post links to your community for stories about Trojan dressed as Action Man, sliding down zip lines in orange lycra... then this is allowed and indeed most welcome...

10) Every community must have a tenth rule.

Now then, legal stuff: if it says (18) or (NC-17) then it means you must be that age... Sorry folks but they are the rules... There are some items here that are meant for adults only, so I have to warn the minors sadly... Not that I have a single right to tell you what you should do, but law is LAW... Incidentally, while we are on the subject, every story that you read on this community is FICTION, meaning that it isn't true... or at least as far as we know, it isn't *grins* and as for art and manips, etc, well they will come with their own warnings.