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Title: Hiding
Pairing: Unrequited Siren/Vogue
Rating: 12 (femmeslashy themes)
Era: old skool
A/N: On a different pairing while I think of more J/Z ideas! Enjoy! X-posted as ever to my journal:
Title: Comfort System
Rating: 12 (femmeslashyness)
Circa: Old school
Pairing: Jet/Zodiac (surprise, surprise)
Summary: After Jet loses on Hang Tough In International 2, Zodiac goes to find her
Catch me if you can:http://xtrue-coloursx.livejournal.com/2194.html
Title: Beneficial
Author: xtrue_coloursx
Rating: Teen
Era: Old skool
Pairing: Jet/Zodiac
Author's Note: Shoot me, I just love this pairing and can't actually write anything else.
Summary: Gladiators certainly had its benefits
Follow the yellow brick road:http://xtrue-coloursx.livejournal.com/2008.html
Who's been watching this series on Challenge lately? Wolf is meaner than ever!

Title: Got The Ouchies
Medium: Fiction

Word Count: 602
Circa? Old School
Pairing: Wolf/Cobra
Rating: (12) Mild sexuality.

Synopsis: Big boy Wolf likes to pick on everyone... though he didn't mean to hurt Cobra... It's just, anyone that gets between the Wolfman and his prey, you know... What's he going to do?

They begrudgingly trudged off the stage. 'Hey, watch it, okay,' Cobra grinned, a sharp intake of wet breath against his teeth as he sucked back the swelling. He'd been hit harder than anyone had realised. The Glads are more than used to taking all manner of body blows...Collapse )
Title: Crash Landing
Era: Old skool
Rating: PG/12 (femslashy themes)
Author: xtrue_coloursx
Summary: A crash landing on the Hnag Tough mats forces Jet and Zodiac to rethink their game plan.
Author's Note: Sorry for frequent posting but Jet and Zodiac are just so cute together!

Title: All In The Eyes
Rating: PG
Author: xtrue_coloursx
Era: Old skool
Summary: Jet has Zodiac under a spell
Author's Note(s): I'm sorry for shortness. And also I'm only posting this here because I didn't know where else to.
Follow the link:http://xtrue-coloursx.livejournal.com/1285.html
Alright then... Looks like I'll kick this off with some classic Gladiators slash...

Title: Sticky Situation
Author: "colacancol"
Medium: Fiction

Word Count: 738
Circa? Old School
Pairing: Trojan/Shadow
Rating: (12) Sexual themes.

Synopsis: When they first put Trojan on Duel, he seems to struggle - he just keeps losing... Whilst training alone he bumps into the great Shadow, and gets some much needed (sexy) advice...

Trojan hit the crash-mats with force, and regardless of how he prepared himself, it hurt more for every go, and his sense of pride too. Splayed limbs, crest-fallen heart. 'I just can't do it,' he cried, 'What's wrong with me?' Kicking the plastic, he sighed, 'They'll never have me back for another series!' Collapse )
Welcome one and all, to the grand opening of Gladislash!